Glucose Control and Gluten Free Expo

Well today has been an interesting day to say the least, took my lantus as normal going to bed thinking nothing of it, took my normal dosage of 100 units that I’ve taken for the past 6 months and for the first time ever got woken up at 6am with an extremely low glucose level that I’ve never had before was at mmol 2.2 (mgdl 39) talk about not thinking straight, took me I don’t know how long to get my fingers to work my meter and my brain to even think and I know I wasn’t fully thinking straight because if I had been I’d have woken N up instead of taking half of hir can of caffeine free pepsi and going back to bed. When I woke again to my alarm going off at 830am I tested out of habit and was at mmol 4.5 (mgdl 81) not the number I was expecting to see but at least better then the one that had woken me up.

Anyhow had my standard breakfast of GoGo Chocolate Quinoa with Soy Milk and Coffee with soy milk and agava syrup (291 calories and 50 grams of carbs) normally more then enough to get me though even a minor workout, yet today not the case .

GF Expo Haul 2014N and I arrived at the Gluten Free Expo here in Toronto, I tested again just to be on the safe side and I’m at mmol 5.6 (mgdl 100) not bad for an hour and a half after eating considering I didn’t take any humalog like I’m suppose to. Well we walked around the expo looking at what was on offer and buying a few things plus getting a few things for free we spend just over two hours wondering around looking at things and talking to people, soon enough we decide to head out and get some lunch, so we head over to the mall.

On the way there I check my levels again because my tummy is screaming at me that its starving which tends to mean I’m going low and sure enough I’m at mmol 6 (mgdl 108) so half decent not to big a number still in the safe zone, so we head to the mall and to Urban Herbivore our ultra fav place to eat at mall given a chance. The Urban Herbivore is a Vegan eatery that has several locations within Toronto, they also have on offer gluten free baked goods and other foods. We ended up ordering a Salad Bowl between us made up of Kale, grated carrots, grated beets, whole mushrooms, bbq tofu, chickpeas, sprouts, and red onion topped with their in store made from scratch Cranberry Ginger dressing.

The image doesn’t do the size of the salad any justice but needless to say its large the bowl itself can hold about 64 oz of fluid and the salad is intended for a single person but divided between to people is still very filling without being over stuffed (comfortably full is how we think of it).

We did go back and buy dessert…
I got their Mocca Vegan Gluten Free Cupcake
Gluten Free Vegan Cupcake

N got their Vegan Gluten Free Mini Cake
GF Vegan Cupcake

Both tasted great and according to N hir cake tasted just like its smaller counter part, which is nice to hear (yes did take a nibble, but can’t compare it to the counter parts since I haven’t had one do to the gluten and dairy involved in its production).

So after lunch we started to head home only to get side tracked with side effects of something I’d tasted at the expo that soooooooo didn’t agree with me on many levels (which means what ever I’d eaten had dairy in it) at any rate when we got home I tested again since it had been two hours since eating lunch and to my surprise I was back down to mmol 6 (mgdl 108) having tested at mmol 6.6 (mgdl 119) just before eating. I was a little shocked because with lunch I’d had a full no ice regular large coke from McDonalds (its their dollar day deal for the summer going on) and that alone should have spike me into the early teens (200s) at best but apparently not today for what ever reason.

Not had dinner as yet, as neither of us are currently hungry but dinner is going to be Home made French Fries (yes potatoes that we cut ourselves and fry up in the skillet) with mixed veggies (not sure which veggies yet have to see what we have).

So all in all a good day glucose wise, one that I was so NOT expecting to be this way considering how the past week has been with my numbers being all over the place (though never higher then mmol 11 [mgdl 198]) at any given point in the day.

Well take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it



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