May Pole Centerpiece

You will need:
18″ wood dowel or thin branch,
6-9″ diameter flat round wooden plaque,
small grapevine wreath, approx. 6-8″ diameter, decorated on both sides,
1 yard each of red and white ribbon,
drill and a 1/4 drill bit,
1 1 1/4 length flattened wood screw,
hot glue gun.

Drill pilot holes completely through center of plaque and 1/2 deep into the bottom end of the dowel. Cross the ribbons and glue on top end of the dowel.

Attach the dowel to the stand by screwing the screw through the plaque, and then into the bottom end of the dowel. Glue wreath on top of dowel by melting a medium dab of glue on top of the crossed ribbons and on the bottom of the wreath, then join the wreath to the top of the dowel.

To make it more secure wait a few minutes and then glue around the edge of the wreath where it meets the dowel, filling in gaps. Brain the ribbons – one color going left and under the other colour, which is moving right.

Braid about 2 inches down the dowel and tack to the dowel with hot glue to keep in place. When set, tack the ends of the ribbons to the edge of the wood plaque with hot glue.



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