Broadway Nails imPRESS Press-on Manicure

As some of you may or may not know I do reviews both of products I get given plus out of the blue for no reason other then I wish to do so. Well I’m a member of the site Influenster which means if I qualify for a specific product they put me on the list to get said product and have a chance at reviewing it. Well yesterday I got my first product from them to review and its the imPRESS from Broadway Nails.

My fingers with the imPRESS nailsThe product comes in an interesting container that looks like nail polish, which is a interesting design concept and idea for the product made me think of nails and fashion right away, which isn’t a bad thing. First impression of the product from just looking at the two samples that I was given was interesting design concept (packaging wise) and really those colours? Ya the colour options given to me for review I wasn’t impressed with or rather colour styles mostly because they are so NOT the two I’d even choose to wear out in public because they are just not my taste, but other then that my mate liked one of the colour design choices (so that’s the one I went with for testing out).

Now those who know me know I don’t have any nails to speak of and the only time I had anything close to any nail was leading up to my wedding day and shortly after getting married the nails I’d grown went back to being a dream. Now in the months leading up to getting married I’d tried various fake nails to try and find something that would work for me and nothing we paid for lasted more then a few hours which was most disappointing to say the least.

I do wish that this product would have been around when I got married because even if it was for a single day it would have been worth getting a set, because they did last more then a few hours (or rather most of them did had two of ten fall off within a 4 hour period the other eight would last between 20 to 32 hours before falling off or getting torn off from catching on clothing or bedding).

I liked how simple they went on without a lot of issue, though finding the right ones to go on my fingers was not simple (guess I don’t have that girly fingers because my mate was able to find them faster for hir own hand then I could for mine ::Facepaws::) at any rate it made me wish they also made more then the two options for toe nails since that is an area during the summer I’d love to have looking nice since like a lot of girls I like wearing sandals and other open toe shoes, and would love to have my toe nails looking nice, even matching my finger mails. But I digress.

*Simple to put on and they do have staying power compared to other brands that I’ve tried.
*Come in a variety of colours that are appealing to various people, even those of us who only go after solid colours.

*I couldn’t get mine to last more then 48 hours despite following the directions, thus to me their claim of lasting a week when you follow the instructions is false.
*Limited Styles, there is only one type rounded/squared off which doesn’t suit everyones hand (at least to me that is how it feels, my natural nails are pointed not rounded/squared).

BUY = Yes or No
YES I would buy a set of nails for a special occasion, but for day to day wear its not practical for me to do so.

4 out of 5 stars



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