The Libre

Well bean wearing the Freestyle Libre for almost 24 days now – have two days left and I’ll have had it on for 24 days and I can say this about it thus far. I do not miss poking my fingers, just being able to scan my arm and get … Continue reading

Not feeling well

Sighs, up until a few hours ago I was feeling alright tired and run down more then normal but nothing that is new to me in general. Sighs, I pray that I’m not getting a cold or something thought it would just be my luck that I am the way … Continue reading

Freestyle Libre

I’m on my second Sensor for the Libre, and to various degrees I am enjoying it. It is most interesting to see how my numbers are going according to the sensor for what it is unfortunately according to the sensor I am spending more then 65% of my time over … Continue reading

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