Grumbles at the Pain

Woke up minimal pain which was a nice change for once, didn’t last for long but was nice to actually get some rest without waking up at level 5 pain like has become normal. Got tacked up and headed out to walk the dogs, of course driving to get the … Continue reading

Rheumatologist Appointment

Well that appointment didn’t go as I was hoping it would, no answers and even MORE questions then I started with, he fells that the drug he put me on back in October is the WRONG drug for my treatment. He think’s that something ELSE is going on other then … Continue reading

Hospital Appointment

Well had a battery of tests run today while at the hospital to figure out what is going wrong with my hearing and my balance issues that have started to get worse, with luck they will figure out what is going on with these test, but like a lot of … Continue reading

Colds are annoying!

Well before the start of the new year I came down with what I thought was just a cold – but apparently my body thinks that its more then just a cold because its been kicking my tail since friday when it kicked my tail into bed and hasn’t let … Continue reading

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