Colds are NOT Fun

Well so much for having a good January without catching a cold, seems I couldn’t avoid it which means I’ve spent 90% of today in bed sleeping and resting trying to kick my system into getting over the cold as fast as possible. The only trouble with this is my … Continue reading

14k plus of steps

Today was a lot of walking, managed to get in… 14,617 Steps 15 Floors 106 Active Minutes 10.89 km 3,226 Calories Burned Decent for a day that I thought I might just get in 10k of steps max, but turned out that walking around downtown. Just exploring and taking my … Continue reading

Insulin – Toujeo

Well its been a interesting year medically speaking – not much going on for the most part A1C has been fair stable holding at 6.8 as of today (according to my GP) so not as great as I’d been hoping, but its at least under 7 so am getting closer … Continue reading

#DiabetesAwarenessMonth ā€“ Fact 30

No one knows exactly what causes Type 1 diabetes, but certain autoimmune, genetic, and environmental risk factors may play a role. Type 2 diabetes is associated with risk factors including obesity, increased age, family genetics, ethnicity, and physical inactivity. – #PBNFacts #ProjectBlueNovember the quote is from Project Blue November

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