Pfizer Update

Well still no letting up when it comes to my glucose control still taking more insulin that I have ever taken in my life to date and it is starting to scare me that I am needing SO MUCH!

I’m not on upwards of 300 units of humalog in a day – which means I am actually actively not eating because I don’t want to have to take 100 units just to cover something thats only 40 grams of carbs, never mind something that is 60 grams of carbs. At this rate I feel like my body is going hay wire and my GP is still 100% unreachable. I really should call my Endo, but I keep forgetting to do so until long after his office is closed and he has no answering service at the moment (he does but it seems to get full fast, that or he isn’t checking it daily).

I’m still having trouble with staying awake – but its semi better then the 18 hours that I was getting, though not by much. As in some days it is 18 hours other days it is only 12 hours and the odd one i’m luck if I get an hour of actual sleep – so ya it isn’t getting better yet.

My pain level is also feeling like it is through the roof! As in my normal 5 for a functional day is now at a 6 and 7 – I am feeling stuff ALL THE TIME, before it was just an occasion issue that came and went without reason but now it is ALWAYS there it never goes away. I can’t stand for more then 5 minutes at a time and walking well I am forcing myself to walk at least around our block once a day minimum because I need to (I need to get outside and get air) but it always does me in. Its like my body can’t even be active any more without it being a big bleeping deal – which is even more annoying since shopping isn’t easy for me to start with and now with this added issue its even more of a issue!

At this point in time I am not even sure what to expect in the coming days I just pray that it will get better.



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