Ozempic – 2nd Dosage

Well took my second round of Ozempic at .25 on Friday (December 17th 2021) around 11pm EST

Its been a good portion of the day and so far no issues like I had with my first dosage at least not within the first 24 hours. Still not feeling like eating at all, which is something that the med is suppose to interfere with as is, but since I normally don’t have an appetite this aversion to food is new (as in thinking about food would normally not be a concern, but even thinking about it makes my tummy turn so trying to make meals has become a problem when I need to cook or bake or what have you and instead of it smelling good and yummy my brain/body is saying “Nope, Nope can’t make me, oh hockey stick nope!” so that is becoming very much annoying to say the least.

Running the to loo has been a problem here and there though not as bad as it was the first few days after my first dosage so thankfully that petered off, though didn’t completely stop just slowed down to a more manageable level. Here’s hoping that I don’t have a repeat of the first week for the second week. But like all things time will tell how it does actually go when all is said and done.



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