Pfizer Update

Well still not able to get hold of my GP or my Endo, but I was in contact with my diabetic team from the hospital and they agree that the shot has really done a number of me that is unexpected and that I should file with the government (fill out the form on side effects) about what has been going on with my health and everything.

So working on doing that, but the sites being a bugger for loading and staying loaded – as in I start to fill it out and it times out and louses all the information that I was entering – so might just say for-get-it and do the pdf version instead.

My glucose control is still no where close to where it was before the shot, I am still taking upwards of 300 units of insulin and I am still running high – its like no matter what I do my numbers will not stay below 10 (180) for any good length of time.

My pain level is still high and the stiffness is feeling like its getting worse and my tolerance to the cold OMG it is BAD. I use to LOVE the cold but the past few days of cooler weather have been so bleeping painful and its has left me in virtual tears because my hands wouldn’t work properly and the pain in my spine was crippling (as in it feels like its going to snap in two) to the point that pushing myself to walk has left me wanting to eat Advil and Tylenol like candy in the hopes that combined it will give some relief (but I refuse to take more then the daily recommended dosage) – and it does 100% nothing to bring the pain down. Its like I am taking NOTHING at all, which is really disappointing as there is nothing else I can do to lower my pain levels.

I put on a good face, I smile and I laugh I try to not show how much pain I really am in. I think the only reason I am not screaming in pain is because I know it wouldn’t do anything to help the pain and only make things worse because crying and the like makes me feel ill and wishing to toss my cookies.

Well post more as time does allow for it to happen!



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