Wiccan Beliefs and Teachings: Basic Wiccan Teachings

Because Wicca has no theology or dogma this is not to say that it teaches nothing. Again Starhawk has much to say along this vein. She states that Wicca teaches love for life in all its forms, and further that, while the craft recognizes that life feeds on life and that we must kill (plants, food animals) in order to survive, life is never taken needlessly, never squandered or wasted. We can extrapolate this to mean not only life in general but specifically our own lives as well.

Starhawk also believes, along with many other Wiccans that we are in fact stewards of life on the earth and perhaps beyond. Serving the life force means working to preserve the diversity of natural life to prevent the poisoning of the environment and the destruction of species.

We see the world differently than most, with what some have called “starlight vision.” Partly, that means that we see the web of energy that connects all things and the auras of each creature. Partly it means that we see the truth of dreams and imagination-we see signs in the stars, omens in the sudden appearance of a coyote, portents in the wind-driven branches of the trees. Partly it means that for us the world is a place of infinite possibility, filled with the promise of magick and the certainty of transformation and change.

And so we work magick, real magick, which is not like the hocus-pocus in movies or fantasy novels. But magick for positive purposes only. With magick, we visit realms unseen by other eyes, make our visions manifest, and re-create our lives.



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