Well that was an Interesting Weekend

Greetings All,

Well its been a while since I have added a new entry, so here it is :-).

I spend this past weekend out in Stratford at a Pagan Convention, known as SOCRery. It was an interesting event, not really what I was expecting or hoping for, but it was interesting to say the least. I attended a few of the workships, which where more lectures then actual workshops in my opinion. There was not much in the line of things being sold, a few ppl have their shops there, but there wasn’t much for sale, a few candles, books, shirts, tarot decks, and the like.

The lectures (workshops) where kind of interesting, at least one was to me it was on Shamanism. There was another it was an Introduction to Astrology, it was slightly helpful in that It cleared up a few things that I’d not been able to fully get a good explanation on from various books.

I also got a chance to get into Stratford proper, and looked around and got a few things, dog biscuts from a little shop called “The Barkery” for Griff. I also got two new CDs from a shop called “EliaGoth”, it was also an interesting shop, expensive but interesting. I got Sinéád O’Connor’s CD Sean-Nós Nus, which is her Celtic Album, its totaly cool my fav track is Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile, which translated into You Are Welcome Home. Though i’m not fussy on the translation version I like the orginal best, but still its interesting to see the english version for those who don’t understand the orginal.

Well I also was able to get three of my sites more exposure by placing an ad in the conventions catalog, though it wasn’t printed exactly as it’d posted it to them to be so, but it was posted, and with luck once the server gets back up I will be getting more hits then before. I posted ina single ad my three major sites .. Nyxstium, PathWalkers.Net and Macintosh Sisters

Also the past weekend, I went swimming, which for me was great, since i’ve not been able to do so in some time. The room I got was great, it was big, even had a king size bed in it. though the bed was rather hard on my back and I wasn’t able to sleep to well on it, but it was a cool room ta say the least.

Well not much ta add, i’m zoning here .. lol .. well take care, i’ll most deffently write more as time passes take care.



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