I Wont My Sites Back UP!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Everyone,

Well time passes and if your reading this then you likly know that my sites are still down. Sigh I wont them back up, but thus far there is still server problems, and I’ve not the monies to move to a new server at this point in time .. sigh.

I’m totaly bumed here, I don’t know what ta do at the moment. I trust that things will be back and running shortly, but for how long? was this trouble like the only one to take place and will thing sbe smoother for another year? or less? Sigh i don’t know anymore.

Classes are going arlright, but ack one class i’m totaly freaked about as in I haven’t a clue what ta do with it, we get the instrutions I try to do the work, but we’ve been given no real guidelines, nothign to look at to see what it might look like, sigh I know that building a business plan is defferent form person to person, but come on shouldn’t there be some form of understanding here, that we’ve never dun theis before, that we do need more info then what is being given? oh well eventualy it will get dun, but sigh i do not see my mark being that great :-(.

oh well, take care i’ll write more as time passes, take care.



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