War is not the Answer

Greetings Everyone,

The net has been active ever since the annoucement was made that the USA is now at war … many of the questions being asked are common across all the groups i’m a member of, from the wiccan groups to the lesbian groups.

So for everyones point, there’s my general responces to the q’s being asked around.

How do you all feel about the war in Iraq?
Hmm how do I feel … Sorry that its taking place .. Troubled that its taking place … noping that we somehow will not be caught in the retalation against the us. In general I do not support the idea of war, or the fact of it. I am sure the something could of been accomplished that would of dun more good then this war will ever do.

Feels about various forms of protesting?
Hmmm well its alright ta do so, there are extreams that many have dun, that are not helpful. I do not protest to the war I object to it.

How do you feel about Canada not being involved?
Good for us, let the us have its fun so ta speak. Sooner or later we will be there to help clean up the mess that was made. I just hope we do not get entagled in this mess that’s in progress.

How do you think this will impact and effect Canada in the long run? What about the USA?
The war will have economic impact long and short run of things, the last one did, so will this, its just the nature of war. Othe types of inpact, no clue but I do so hope that we do not get harmed by any retalation against the us.

Thoughts, Opinions, Ideas?
I don’t know what ta say now adays over all this. If given a choice to join the war I’d not join. I’m not a fighter, though I would protect my family to the best of my abilities on my own turf. To me fighting someone on their turf is rather pointless they have the advantage over you knowing their area. Then again if that was the case there would only be localized wars, and not whats taking place. Sigh don’t mind me … I’m bumed several of my friends are caught up in this war, and they do not wish to be so, even if they did sign up for military duity.

Well take care everyone, just my 2ยข; worth.

I’ll write more here as time passes, and see what happens.



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