(im-molc)(em-bowl’g) – Major Sabbat (High Holiday) – Fire Festival February 1,2 – when the sun reaches 15-degrees Aquarius

AKA: Imbolg (Celtic), Candlemas (Christian), Brigantia (Caledonii), Oimelc, Festival of Light, Brigid’s (Brid, Bride) Day, La Fheill, An Fheille Bride, Candelaria (Mexico), Chinese New Year, Disting-tid (Feb 14th, Teutonic), DisaBlot, Anagantios, Lupercalia/Lupercus(Strega), Groundhog Day, Valentines Day

Animals/Mythical beings: firebird, dragon, groundhog, deer, burrowing animals, ewes, robin, sheep, lamb, other creatures waking from hibernation

Gemstones: amethyst, garnet, onyx, turquoise

Incense/Oil: jasmine, rosemary, frankincense, cinnamon, neroli, musk, olive, sweet pea, basil, myrrh, and wisteria, apricot, carnation

Colors/Candles: brown, pink, red, orange, white, lavender, pale yellow, silver

Tools/Symbols/Decorations: white flowers, marigolds, plum blossoms, daffodils, Brigid wheel, Brigid’s cross, candles, grain/seed for blessing, red candle in a cauldron full of earth, doll, Bride’s Bed; the Bride, broom, milk, birchwood, snowflakes, snow in a crystal container, evergreens, homemade besom of dried broom, orange candle annointed in oil (see above)can be used to sybolize the renewing energy of the Sun’s rebirth.

Goddesses: Virgin Goddess, Venus, Diana, Februa, Maiden, Child Goddess, Aradia, Athena, Inanna, Vesta, Gaia, Brigid, Selene(Greek), Branwen(Manx-Welsh)

Gods: young Sun Gods, Pan, Cupid/Eros (Greco-Roman), Dumuzi (Sumerian)

Essence: conception, initiation, insight, inspiration, creativity, mirth, renewal, dedication, breath of life, life-path, wise counsel, plan, prepare

Dynamics/Meaning: first stirring of Mother Earth, lambing, growth of the Sun God, the middle of winter

Purpose: honoring the Virgin Goddess, festival of the Maiden/Light

Rituals/Magicks: cleansing; purification, renewal, creative inspiration, purification, initiation, candle work, house & temple blessings, welcoming Brigid, feast of milk & bread

Customs: lighting candles, seeking omens of Spring, storytelling, cleaning house, bonfires, indoor planting, stone collecting, candle kept burning dusk till dawn; hearth re-lighting

Foods: dairy, spicy foods, raisins, pumpkin, sesame & sunflower seeds, poppyseed bread/cake, honey cake, pancakes, waffles, herbal tea

Herbs: angelica, basil, bay, benzoin, celandine, clover, heather, myrrh, all yellow flowers, willow

Element/Gender: earth/female

Threshold: midnight



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