A Basic Introduction to Magickal Protection

Before reading this document please understand that it is written for a variety of people: new, beginner, moderate, advanced. Some of the techniques described should not be attempted by new or beginning people. This is not said to make anyone feel inferior but rather to warn that there are some techniques which require practice and a firm foundation in “basic” procedures.

I have included warnings where I felt that new or beginning people should not attempt things. I considered writing a basic document directed at new people but then of course not everyone is a new person and such a document would not be of true value to the more advanced practioner. I considered creating multiple document (basic, moderate, advanced) but even doing this I have no guarantee that someone will not attempt something before they are ready. So, I decided to create a “middle of the road” document which would be of potential use to many people.

Magickal Protection is a discipline of magick. It is a discipline which must be studied, practiced and learned. As in learning any new skill or discipline, you must begin at some point and progress. During your learning you will advance or enhance your abilities and be able to do more and greater things. What I consider to be more advanced techniques of magickal protection by no means leave the new or beginning student helpless. I consider the “more advanced” techniques to require more practice at manipulating energy. (“Advanced” techniques require a bit more practice and different way of looking at things.)

Think of what I have said in general terms. If you were in band or took music/voice lessons, did you immediately start trying to play “Flight of the Bumblebee” or sing “Carmen”? If you didn’t then why didn’t you? After all, can’t you just sit down and start playing like a master? If you played baseball as a child, did you start playing little league or did you start playing for a major league team? I know that these questions sound a bit ridiculous but it is any less ridiculous to expect to start your magickal workings by attempting magicks which are usually performed by people who have been working with magick for many years? Simply put, magick takes practice.



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