The Law of Constant Change

The primary law of this physical-material system is change. There is no such thing as a static state. If something doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t exist. Nothing ever stays the same; everything evolves or degenerates.

There is life force energy in every atom and in every cell. Energy must constantly flow, so things must change in order accommodate it. Everything evolves from one point to the next, and each point must experienced to get to the next.

If there isn’t change, there can be no growth. This was the state of the Source just prior to fragmentation. It fragmented to change from the potential of spirit to the dynamics of the physical.

At every moment there is a brand new universe, a new earth, every object a little out of phase with what it was before. Times change, people change, circumstances change. We do not learn or grow by resisting change. One never finds out what his true potential is, if one does not change.

The whole earth plane of existence is for and about growth, so there must be an understanding from within that it is necessary for things to change. One cannot change yet cling to things that are not conducive to change. You are to strive for a balanced point of view, amidst a changing environment, which will lead to future spiritual growth. This requires change.

With change and growth comes the need for balance, so there also exist subservient rules to keep the results of change in balance. Most laws and rules prescribe guidelines for conduct, action, and usage, to be observed by everyone as a way to control, govern, and manage things.

They help moderate and restrain passions, and as precedents, serve as examples to authorize or justify subsequent acts. They also serve as rules for future determinations based upon binding customs and practices of a community or group.

Once an individual masters the System, having learned balance and harmony in all their creations, they become laws and rules unto themselves.

Subservient Laws and Processes for Governing Balance and Harmony.

With everything in this universe-System constantly changing, there are subservient laws, rules, and processes which were enacted as a part of the creative concept for the System, and which fragment individuals are subject to help keep themselves in balance and harmony with the changing environment.

These include:
(1) The law of cause and effect, which requires that every unbalanced thought, act, word and word, which hurts any fragment or the Oneness, be completely balanced out by experiencing and understanding from the point of view of the transgressee.

(2) The laws of likes attract likes, and of opposites attract opposites, which automatically and constantly bring to individuals those unplanned situations, events, and people to help balance out attitudes and emotions.

(3) The cycles of astrology, which are the timing mechanisms for incarnations, opportunities, challenges, and other lessons.

(4) The process of reincarnation, which provides unlimited opportunities for an entity to balance out and harmonize attitudes with others through a multitude of lifetimes in different time periods, and in numerous situations and roles.

Fragment entities also have:
(5) The power of free will, by which they can negate all planned experiences arranged in-between lives, and override the law of cause and effect. The spiritual part of a human entity has an override system over all natural, physical laws. However, this does not remove the ultimate need for understanding, It only postpones the required lessons until another time.



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