Works in Progress

Well a lot has been happening around here of late, going though things that should have been gone though years ago but for various reasons didn’t happen but now need to happen no matter what (so ya some things are getting donated or out right trashed in the process).

N and I still need to go though our room and declutter it, but I’m finding that hard to do mostly because its my room that I’ve lived in since my early teens so a LOT of the stuff in it is from back then. But also a good 50% of it I’ve not seen hide nor hair of in 7+ years so my that reasoning that if I’ve not missed it or dug it out to use it then I won’t miss it if I am to donate it (easy to say harder to do – but does need to get dun).

FE is coming up in about two weeks time, and part of me feels like we don’t have enough items to sell – but the other half of me wonders if what we’ve chosen to sell will even be of interest to other’s to make back the cost of the table/entry fee, never mind the cost of the three nights stay in the hotel itself (that part I am not even counting on recouping – but one can hope). I can hope the baked goods that I’m bringing will be of interest to various hungry people, going to try and have enough brownies (which have already proven to be popular in other settings). I’m thinking the raw cookie dough will be a good seller (it doesn’t need cooking as it contains 0 products that require cooking/baking) since I know many people like the stuff in general. Not sure if the sugar cookies will be a hit or not but one way to find out (these are going to be shaped and coloured in).

I’ve started printing off the various stock badges that we’re going to sell, plus samples of the semi custom digital badges that will be on offer. Still need to print off my business card (got small stack already, but need to print off more plus letter head).

I’ve also finished up the ear rings which are going to be sold, but still debating if I’m going to be selling other bead craft items – might just have some of the beads on the table for people to buy as they are, I know I’ll be selling the letter beads so people can make custom names if they so choose to do so (though sadly my stock of them is lower then I’d like but I might buy more just have to see).

I’ve gotten Square working so will be able to take mobile payments while at the con – though still need to set it up to degrees (pricing codes for the items to be sold). We’ve still got to write up the price tags and ticket the items to sell them. I also haven’t yet printed off the ledgers that N will record the items sold in, plus any commissions that might be generated while at the con. Was thinking of setting up a section of my business site that is linked just for the con for people to connect to (but its just an idea that doesn’t stick in my brain as being a good one just yet, so holding off on that).

Well take care everyone!



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