YouTube n LDS

Just have YouTube on random feed and likely because I’ve been doing some research over the past month its ended up pulling up some youtube parody files that where <LDS based plus other videos that vary in their interest – some of the stuff that’s showing on the feed was “why mormon’s leave” or “what mormon’s don’t tell you” and other such video’s ya I did listen to them even watch a few that caught my attention to various degrees.

Some of them you can tell are aimed at those who are exploring the idea of mormonism to out right already members – the points of views of the various videos varies and gives different points of view that at times seem’s funny to down right blasted serious. There are various channels that are 100% dedicated to the LDS from Scripture Readings, Parodies of popular songs, Movies and what not. So I can say based only on what I’ve seen thus far they they have a fair active PR campaign that in some areas is better then most churches have going for them in general and compared to the catholic church its a decent rival for what is posted that I’ve seen.

One thing is for sure, it does aim its sights on the younger generation at least when you look at the videos that have been posted that are aimed at “recruitment” and information sharing its not directed at the older generation but the younger. The use of popular songs by other youth is one of the ways that its dun (though I am sure the youth who are posting it don’t see it that way). I have no issue with any of it because I actually do find it interesting to various degrees the use of Social Media that is in effect and how its being used to reach people around the world both for the positive and negative views and everything in between them.



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