Another Visit

LDSWell the two missionaries came again today, and will be back next week same day same hour – anyone for a pattern emerging? K I know we could change it if needed or wished but it isn’t a issue at the moment so we’re sticking with it.

So this time though their word was right in line of their set that they are suppose to go though – at least it seems to be following that from what i’ve looked at thought their site stuff. Today’s deal was suppose to be on Sacrament which I find strange and funny at the same time since its one of those areas that various from religion to religion – but all have a similar meaning to it when you break it down to the basics at least (freeing you of past sins since you where last in attendance to church – at least that’s my understanding of it).

Well that topic didn’t get really around to until about the last 10 minutes of their visit because every time they are here we seem to get into other talking that is indirectly related to the LDS but not always on topic of what they are there for, which is interesting since it seems that they don’t always know how to take things that are not to script (I am sure they are not use to a lot of things that between N and I are very much the norm) of how things go when spreading their word and the like and when talking with old and potential new members.

I am also very much sure that one of them is finding something either boring or something because his body language just screams that he’s tired or frustrated or something not sure which it is – could be just that he’s homesick (which from my understanding is not uncommon and understandable) and for all that he’s been here in county a week plus now he could well be still adjusting to his new surroundings and the cold temps that he’s having to be out in, the other other bloke not sure he’s use to the cold either since he’s from part of the US where its rather on the warm side and dessert conditions, which is def different to our climate here in Ontario ::chuckles::.

Didn’t do any special baking today, just served my standard Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies with Mugs of Hot Cocoa, which they do seem pleased to have and N says is not a common thing that they get offered when they are in a home – personally the idea of having someone in your home and not offering food and drink to be is being disrespectful to your guests, but that’s how I was brought up. I was always told that if you are hosting someone in your home that you are to offer them if possible food and at the minimum water and that they as a guest are free to turn down your offer of food and drink, but it is the hight of rudeness not to offer what you are able to offer. Yet from what N tells me its not the case, so either its a cultural things between my up brining and Ns or something else. Though it did explain as I’ve started before why the first pair of missionaries seemed shocked at being offered food and drink upon entering our home.

Well after getting though various talking they finally got around to what their visit was about this time round, of course that meant asking me what did I know about Sacrament and as I said I basically stated what I said above and they agreed though elaborated longer on the matter and asked how I felt about it. That was a tad harder to say because all the things going though my brain in relation to that range from “no different then I’ve ever felt” to “what ever, your deal not mine”.

I don’t recall fully what I said, but the basis was that their version of how they do it is new to me so I don’t know what to expect from it or the basis behind their version of it. Which I think is rather diplomatic of me, considering my idea of doing it is similar or involves more then one being and using more then one type of offering to them that is seasonally based. As in if its FALL (Autumn) then the offerings on your alter are based from that time of season with water or milk as the drink (k some pagans use wine, but not all do) and for my side of it when you make your offering to the Goddess and her consort you are asking for her blessing so its similar in its fashion just different in how its presented.

At any rate, they did go over a little bit about it and I actually got to ask my question in regards to what happened the first time I attended – regarding the bread issue (as my dad and mom have said, only stupid question is the question that does unasked), they didn’t know the answer to my question though one of them had herd of the issue from his local ward and what was dun – so they are apparently going to talk it over with who ever it is that they talk to. I don’t see it as a issue, though it is a tad strange and uncomfortable to degrees.

This time here they ended up giving up pamphlet called “The Gospel of Jesus Christ” which appears to be the 4th book in the line of 7 or 8 booklets (though its listed as the third instalment of the Preach My Gospel series) that from what I gather are a coles notes version of their book of mormon in full. I’ll give them this the little booklets are well dun and do give a good over view in general of their faith and views of it. I’ll admit that I’ve taken the little booklets and not really gone though them, I gloss over them look at the pictures and then go back to the digital version that I downloaded and go on from there.

I’m still learning and I’m still open to learning more of the faith that N has grown up in. I do believe in a few of the things to which they speak but their versions of it not so much – but I can agree that there are many versions of things out there and thus many view points of the same thing and in my own eyes each is their own truth to the one who believes because I still believe that there is no one and true path that you can walk to me all are equal and right for the person who is walking it at any given point in time.



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