Spring Here Yet?

Well the TTC is still running, at least till Friday, after that well no idea. It seems likely that they will continue to run, but the possibility of them striking is still there.

In the mean time that gives me a chance to get my bike and what not together for the spring to ride to work on occasion and get some necessary exercise, to which I know I need and also enjoy to a degree (not to mention the fact that its cheaper then taking the TTC or a cab or even driving a car).

I’ll also be able to go through my growing emails that are starting to take over my inbox. Speaking of email, I don’t know about some of you but in the past month I have been getting a world of a lot more Spam in my inbox then I have in the past 12 years of being online.

I enjoy reading the emails for the most part but even with the Spam filters I have in place, they are not catching the new crop of Spam that appears to be starting to emerge. Which is not driving me nuts yet, but it’s getting there. So much for those anti Spam laws that the US was to put into place, it does appear that what ever the laws might be they are not in place and really working or what have you.

I am pleased that the groups that I run are growing, and that those who are members of the various groups are posting what they are its good to see the members being active and exchanging info about their experiences. Though I know for myself I wish I had a world of a lot more time in the day to be able to contribute more to the groups I run, but as many here know I post what I am able and let things go from there.

As some might know, for the groups that I run myself, I have started trying to get a TOPIC a week if not a month going (I try for weekly, but of late its more like bi weekly on average) for all member’s to be able to post something to, and I am pleased to see that my efforts have been paying off, its good to be reading what people have to say about the various topics which have been posted.

Well I hope everyone has been having a good week thus far, and that this comming weekend will be good for all, take care everyone.



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