TTC, Is Not Always The Better Way

Well I can’t say that I’m happy but it does appear the the TTC might just be going on strike as of this coming Monday at 4am. How long it might last I have no idea, but likely no more then a week. if it last longer there will be a hell of a lot of miffed people and likely a ruling by the government to force the TTC workers back to work or something.

Like many here in Toronto who rely on the TTC to get to work and else where, I am so not pleased with the idea of them going on strike. When they last when on strike I didn’t care since I wasn’t in Toronto at the time, but well this time around of course is different. I have a job that is not near where we live, and it already take about an hour to get to work by TTC as it is, if they do go on strike I’ll be forced to take my bike to work (something I have no ridden in a couple of years, so am not overly eager to ride for the first time to get to work, but I know that I have little choice, no work no pay, not pay no food, etc.)

I’m of course like other’s who take the TTC following the news as to the developments as to what is happening, so I can plan for Monday. Yes as I said I have my alternative planed, but like many I do not wish to use my alternative unless I really have to.

I must admit that I have been miffed the past couple of days, mostly do to stuff going on with a project at work, that has been causing the development team and myself a bit of a headache. Thankfully those problems where solved today (or at least there when when I left work this afternoon) and with luck they will never happen again, cause we still don’t know what caused them in the first place, other then old software working with new software (the old battle between technologies).

Well take care everyone, post as time passes.



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