What a Day…

Its great working here, why? Simple most of the people here seem to have at least one dog, and everyone on occasion it does appear brings in their dog for the day. Which is great since well that means I can bring my dog to work sometime in the future to show him off to the rest of my co-workers.

Also I’m totally hoping that the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) doesn’t got on strike as the papers and news outlets are saying are a possibility by tomorrow’s Morning commute. Talk about not great in any regard of the word. I like many can’t afford to take a taxi to work, not at about 15.00 one way, thus making it likely over 30.00 for a found trip. Which is not good, since well that’s a good several hours working, which would make it non-feasible for going to work for that day, or days just because the price of a taxi would make it not good.

Then again so does the price of parking to a degree, though granted 15 from 9 to 6 is a good price on average to pay for parking and only eats into a little of the daily income, its still a b, compared to the 5.00 (2.50 each trip) it cost for a round trip via the TTC. Well if they do go on strike, with luck I’ll have my bike to be able to bike to work, but if not maybe I’ll be able to talk my dad into driving me to work and picking me up (well its a possibility if I really am in a bind to get to work, since walking is out of the question – not when it would take over 2 hours to walk there I’m sure).

The major thing today is that I could really get to dislike Flash 5, yes flash 5 it has proven to be a real pain in the back side today. I have been having nothing but problems with it, first it does it then it doesn’t, but eventually it does do what its been told to do, but its just totally frustrating to no ends that it doesn’t do it when you want it to happen. Why not use Flash MX or higher? Simple we do now have a license for it for the computer I use, and that version actually doesn’t work back with the files that are currently being made use of, for various reason do to a conversion thing that was programmed in flash 5 many moons ago by the original person to make the templates.

Well I hope everyone has a good day, take care and post as time passes,



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