Special Olympics 2006 (Toronto Catholic School Board)

Well today has been one of those days that feels a hell of a lot longer then it really has been – to various degrees

I was up at 530, and out the door by 8 to get to a track meet for the local catholic school board which was hosting their annual special olympics. I was there with my dad – we had been invited to the event to cover it for the school, dad on digital camera and me on video camera (now I have to edit the tape and burn it to DVD for the school).

On top of this, I actually went trough 3 liters of water while at the event, which is almost 100oz, which is something like 12 glasses of water, which is like 4 over the recommended average to drink in a day – talk about not having room for lunch.

Normally I would have more then enough room for lunch, but today that was not the case I had to much water in me to be able to get through the subway sub that had been delivered for everyone to eat (subway had delivered to the special event several cases of subs for all to eat, as well as cookies, watermelon and water – its all part of their supporting the special olympics deal that they have going on).

It was an interesting event, and I got some lovely shots of the kids playing around, as well as some of the kibitzing around that two mascots where getting up to with the students – you see BJ Birdie of the Toronto Blue Jays was there as was Carlton of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the students where having a ball hugging the mascots.

There was also two officers if dress uniforms on horse back, and two officers on their motorcycles as well as a unit of army people. which apparently is a common site for the event, and helps with the morel of the students at the event – I’ll admit I’m a girl at heart and I liked patting the horses 🙂

I was running around the events, so I totally got in my cardio for the day big time. Though I do not think i really burned the amount of calories that SP says I have, but who knows maybe I really did. But if i did then ouch I burned more today then I will be able to eat, which isn’t bad its good to a degree – but its would be a big of a shocker at the same time.

I know I am going to be able to get a good sleep out of this – if I can manage to stay up till a min of midnight – knowing me i’ll end up napping just after supper because i am freaking tired out after todays events, I think I also got a little to much sun on top of it all – grumbles.

Well after the event, we came home just in time for the heavens to open up and send down a bombardment of rain. Which managed to find its way into the house first and basement windows – which meant my comp was in line with the basement water flow – talk about a piss off and blessing (blessing that we where home when it started).

Well take care everyone, post more as time passes



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