Sometimes, some comps are not the best for the job

Well today was a good day at work, did a few things such as going though files learning more abut how the company functions in regards to putting dockets together for clients.

My partner and I where chatting on MSN for a little while – while I was waiting for the boss to look over what it was he wanted me to next start working on (we are allowed to use chat systems as long as they do not interfear with the work we are doing). As it was it was nice to be able to chat with him even for a short period of time.

I also find that I can listen to internet radio while working which is nice, the only minor thing is that, well I tend to crash the comp at least once a day, which is a major record. Its not great, I am so use to having several applications open at once. At this moment I have Adobe Photoshop 7, MSN, YIM, ICQ, Adobe GoLive 6, Email, Safari, iCab, Adobe InDesign 2.0, iTunes, and TextEdit all open, and am going between many of them on the fly. Yet having Photoshop 5.5, IE 5.5 and Outlook Express open the comp tends to crash, and that’s not even a lot of things open. K the comp has only 398RAM but its 1.3GHz Compaq computer running Windows NT, its far faster then my G3 450Mhz, then again I also have 896RAM, but still. Well i guess it goes to show just because its old doesn’t mean it might not be actually better then the newest deals out there, then again it could be a Mac thing. *chuckles*

And for those who are interested here is another interesting Feng Shui saying about Doors – If the main entrance to your home faces NW, use another door, whenever possible, until the Year of the Dog begins on January 29, 2006.

Well take care everyone,



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