Doing Online Research

Well today has been an interesting day, i was put to the task of going though the web, and trying to find information for a product which is a flash text-to-speech, as in they wanted a product which was not the current product they where running because the service they are currently running with is apparently slow and unstable, thus hey wish to find a product which offers similar deals, but has a better server or can be hosted on their own existing servers.

Talk about not an easy task, I found something like 5 products, but not one of the 5 where exactly what they wanted, as in the best of the bunch was pure text-to-speech back-end, which was not what they wanted, they wanted a form of that which allowed for wav file uploads to be spoken. Well eventually they will find what they are looking for, but then again I spent 9 hours looking and didn’t find it, so it might not be there just yet save the one company. Only time will tell though.

For all this I was totally glad to have the chance to listen to music online. Cause well doing web searching is not something that I like to do in silence, since well it can be boring after a while, at least to me it can be, especially if my mind is not kept active by other things, and well listening to music is the best answer, so ya can say I’m thankful for online radio.

One thing about online radio is that its 80s all the time if I so choose specific channels, which is the best since I’m a total 80s fan for most general pop music.

Here’s another interesting Feng Shui saying about the Three Affliction – The most serious of the Three Afflictions, the Five Yellows, is in the NW this lunar year. Do not excavate, construct, dig, or disturb in this direction if at all possible.

Well take care everyone,



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