Things are Ever Changing

It has been hard for my partner and I, I feel in regards to my working. He had gotten rather use to me always being around and what not, yes I did go out for work for various clients, but that might only been for a few hours once or twice a week. But now I’m out of the house upwards of 9+ hours a min of three days a week, while I totally enjoy the work, and being out of the house. Its coming home in the evening that I am startins to really dislike for various reasons, one of them that my partner is starting to get a little strong handed with my long work hours and is not listening to me, and its starting to wear my nerves very thin.

Also I am finding that cooking when I get home from work this late in the evening means that I’m not always hungry enough to want to make food for myself, which is so not good, since I know I need to eat, but I don’t feel hungry. Not after getting my partners meal together, since I have to make on average two different meals for us. One for home and One for myself instead of the average one meal for both parties, on rear occasion that does happen but not as often as I actually would like it to. But I know that he has different dietary needs then myself, and that they can’t always been the same.

This didn’t use to bother me before I started with, since I did have the time to cook, but with work I no longer have that extra time (an average of an extra 30 to 45 min prep time) that is necessary for some of the foods that he will only eat, and even making many of them in advance works for some but not for all (add to that if they are in the fridge he will cook them up, so what should have lasted a week is gone in a matter of a day – grrrs).

Oh well I know that things will settle down into their perspective areas with time, but sighs its hard to see a head of what is there now, because of all the changes which are currently going on, to which we both are having to deal with.

Well here is another Feng Shui saying about the Bedroom – Do place a symbol of wealth in your bedroom so that you see it on waking. This could be a figurine of a carp, an ox sitting on Chinese coins, or a turtle.

Well take care everyone,



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