Some days have great surprises

Well yesterday was interesting as you have read, today well was more of the same only today I went in what I call really early was in by 9-am (which is normally when I’m just waking up) so to day that I was pleased to be up so early wasn’t the case, and on top of that the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) streetcar that goes along Queen St. was freaking full, and I had waited for three Streetcars to go by before I got fed up and got on the fourth on. Why people drive I understand, but freak the price of parking is nuts, and taking the TTC doesn’t feel much better at that time in the morning.

The morning might not have started off great with the TTC, but once I was at work it went fair well. Got started on completing what I had been working on the previous day, and got most of that finished up. So much so that I was also working on another new project that had come in, a month ago that they needed to start work on.

So for this day work was good, but the TTC ride was less then great. Also for those who have been following my Feng Shui saying here is another for you about the Lunar New Year – The new lunar year is just a week away. Start getting ready now by getting a haircut or perm, cleaning up your home, and paying your bills.

Well take care everyone,



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