Last day of work for this week

Well today at work, also went rather well. We had to finish testing a site for a client who was coming in that afternoon to take a look at it. Talk about maddening, I came into the office after having to go do some banking (that time of year when bills are coming in all to fast), to find that I was to stop working on what I had been assigned to work on and to start testing and modify as necessary this site that was being presented to the client that afternoon, thus I had about 4 hours to go though the site, correct any errors I saw, make sure the audio and video was sinked correctly and make sure all the Q&As functioned.

I did get it dun, and all the necessary correction, but man was it different, since I didn’t know much about the client just what I’d been given so I had to hope that all the info I’d been given was correct and that what I was doing was along the lines of what was needed (I know the instructions I’d been given, but still when people rush things can happen that where not expected to happen). Well from what I know things went well for the presentation, and the clients I assumed where happy with the product that they where shown.

So that was today, I did manage to finish up what I had been working on, thus I have no idea what I’ll be working on next week.

Well take care everyone,



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