Another week at work!!

Well I’m looking forward to another work week. Last week was interesting and proved to be a good intro to what the company does on a day to day type bases. Thus I feel that I’m going to really like working there, not to mention the people are interesting to chat with.

Todays Feng Shui saying that I like is Three Afflictions – There are yearly influences on our lives represented by compass directions called the Three Afflictions. These directions—the Grand Duke Jupiter, the Three Killings, and the Five Yellows—are based on the animal zodiac years and, accordingly, change with the lunar new year. Like atmospheric pressure, they can’t be seen but affect all of us, no matter where we live or work. They are particularly aggravated by the moving of earth, so be cautious about any construction, planting, or demolition around your home or business.

take care everyone,



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