Week in Review

Well this week was to a degree hectic with Work, family and in general a changing of the relationship between my partner and I, which is hard to get use to, but I’m trying.

I’m looking forward to next week at work, and hoping that things in regards to family and between my partner and I get better, as in start settling down and going back to normal or as back to normal as things ever where. But unfortunatly I fear that things will not settle down nor will they get better between us, he is still not listening to me, and I am just about to give up in regards to so many things with him that it hurts my heart to say any of this.

At work last week I didn’t do that much, but what I did do was interesting, as you have read my second day at work I was training a newbie, but unfortunately the next day when I went in I had to start re-working all that she had worked on, cause she’d skrued it up totally, which kind of miffed me since correcting her errors is going to take me a little longer then it would to do it originally, but hay thats how things go when there is a new person who doesn’t know how the system works, even when they do get the necessary clear instructions, and has someone there beside them for over an hour trying to help them figure it all out. But well at least she got the experience and I got to show that I can show another how to work their system to the best of my abilities.

Another thing that happened this week at work was that the big boss man called me into his office, because I had spoken my mind while he was having a conversation with a few of the guys in the room I was working in. I said something about the topic they where talking about and gave my views as I knew them to be. They where talking about making their systems Mac compliant, and well that is my area that I know best in most regards, since it the platform that I’ve been working with for about 20+ years now. At any rate I feel my words where taken under advisement and it does sound like they will be getting a couple Mac’s in the office, at least for testing purposes, beyond that I do not have an idea, though like everything I think it would be great to get my own Mac to work on since I prefer it and know it best.

Well that was my week review in short, not overly busy just yet, but I know that will change as time passes.



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