Mom’s Home!!!

Well the doc’s where right she has come home on friday, though they didn’t release her till almost 6pm – sigh, rush hour traffic anyone?

Well the family went to pick her up, dad, myself and the dog – dad and the dog waited in the van for me to go up to her room and get her. The dog was rather pleased to see mom to say the least, and is now acting as normal now that his family is back together again.

She’s doing better, or they wouldn’t have released her, but there are now even more drugs that she can not take which means a hell of a lot less choice on the canadian market for drugs that she can take – talk about problems waiting to happen.

The drug I have been on for the past month, it turns out I am allergic to and that as a person with porph that its actually on the no give list of drugs. Turns out I have been having a mild attack caused by the drug – my doc how has to find one that is on the approved list, looks like I am just like my mom, have so many major drug restrictions that getting drugs I will be able to take might well prove to be trouble.

But other then that everything is going well, she’s home safe and sound and the family is glad to be all back together again.

take care everyone,



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