Home tomorrow

Mom isn’t home as yet, she should be home tomorrow, but again we where told that today, so we’ll know tomorrow if its true or not.

Mom appears to be doing much better, save that she’s developed something wrong with one of her feet, and it needs to be checked over. She can’t put much pressure on it, thus its preventing her walking as she needs to do so.

No idea what time tomorrow she’ll be home, but I’ll post a note when she’s home.


At the moment for myself I am running on vapors it does feel. I am more pain then I have been in ages, my entire body is so much in pain that its hard to breath and movements make me bite back a small scream. On a scale of 1 to 10 the pains about an 8 at the moment – good thing I can function though pain, or I’d be in my bed crying like crazy.

I don’t know why my body is in such pain, though I have a guess that I might be actually having a negative reaction to the drug I have been put on for my cholesterol. So I’m stopping taking it and if things clear up within the week – my doc will be hearing from me mighty fast.

What a time for this to happen, then again when the body is as run down as I think mine is, it might well have sped up my reaction time to the drug. Guess I’ll know more in a few days, if its something or nothing.

well take care everyone.



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