Clothing fitting better

Well its been a week now, and the spandex pants that I’ve not been able to get into since University I can now get back into (i might be heaver now, but they now fit – shakes head, muscle weight is a strange deal at times).

Infact they are a bit louse in the waist area, chuckles, but I can yet get into my other pair of spandex that I’ve not been able to get into for about 15 years now … but they are now getting just past my thighs, so I’m thinking they might get on in a few months time if things keep going as they have been with the inches going down.

The jacket I got in 05 is now actually a little baggy on me (and its only an XL – but i think the manufacture needs to reset their sizing, lol) .. chuckles, and my jacket I got in University now fits and itself is a little to big (its a 3XL was the largest they made – and when I got it I couldn’t button it all the way down, i sure can now).

Its rather interesting to see the inches come down and then see the result in how my clothing fits or doesn’t fit in some cases. Makes me pleased that I didn’t let my mom pitch all the clothing that she wanted to pitch oh so many years ago, cause I’m now starting to get back into that clothing. Can’t get back into my jeans just yet, but getting closer, that I am.

Take care everyone,



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