Last Pilates Class

Well had my last Pilates class with that group of people, and to a degree I will miss the group, but am looking forward to the group at the GYM and seeing how that will be.

The last class only had two ppl plus the instructor, the other two people couldn’t make it for various other reasons, but from what I got from them all they will not be coming back, as they do not like her teaching methods … to me her methods work alright for me, they got me started, and i actually gained back half a inch in height, so I can’t complain in that regards.

Last class was not that much going on, a few of the same old same old stuff, nothing new, and class didn’t seem to last as long as it had in the past, yet it was its full 60 minutes .. guess it just felt shorts because there where less ppl taking it, no idea.

Well take care everyone



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