#DSMA – Working with Diabetes Educators

The following Questions are taken from the DSMA Tweet Chat

Q1. What was the best interaction you’ve had with a diabetes educator/HCP?
I’ve never had any interaction with a DE that I am aware of, as to my GP shrugs she’s human

Q2. What are your diabetes educator’s credentials/HCP?
My GP is just a general GP no specialties that I know of and I don’t have a DE

Q3. Have you ever had to fire a diabetes educator/HCP?

Q4: What’s the most important/significant thing a diabetes educator/HCP ever taught you?
Nothing as yet

Q5. What do you want a diabetes educator/HCP to teach or clarify for you now?

Q6. What would you like to tell your diabetes educator/HCP?
A world of a lot of things, but since she won’t understand its wasted breath.

Q7. What can diabetes educators/HCP learn from the DOC?
A Lot – as in to much to name off



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