Things are progressing

Well still working for two different companies though one place the work load has gone down and I think its because the other seasonal one is interfering with things when it comes to time line management – I’m feeling a little torn in two when it comes to this because I enjoy both lines of work, though in truth only one of them really has any potential to see growth as the years progress and that is the one I am hoping continues because I love doing my graphic design and the like, photography is nice but its not my field of interest out side of here and there type deal (as in its now where I wish to make my living in general, though I could I guess if it was necessary to do so).

The photography job has had a few glitches that I have no idea about – as in not sure if its equipment failure or human error on my part (but as far as I know I’ve not input anything that I’ve not been told to do, so who knows).

I also hate to say it but my memory of half the schools I’m going to is getting cloudy, as in I hardly remember which school is which one day to the next. Which isn’t good I know, but its how its become and its annoying to say the least, though in part I do blame being ill but I know that isn’t all of the reason just part of the whole.

Part of me is thinking I shouldn’t have chosen to come back for the fall season, but part of me is like for the most part it was enjoyable last yet and to a degree its been that thus far (though ya dealing with the little ones and getting ill as a result hasn’t been on the positive side of things). I don’t know if I’ll get asked to come back next year but based on a few things of late that apparently have happened that might not be an issue (as in they might not choose to ask me back). Which wouldn’t be an issue since I really am hoping the other job takes off enough that I can devote myself to it on a full time bases instead of the several hours a week on average only deal that its been for the past 4 months.

The other job the person who hired me has hired an independant person to rework his other site and get it up and running, since I’m not a programmer that’s not an issue. But he said I’d be able to have input on its design/layout but as yet I’ve not heard anything about the site so no idea what is going on in that area of things (its possible its on the back burner for all that has been going on). I also have a half finished project that I’m still waiting for him to give me the text to so that I can complete it and hand it off.

Sighs, this month started off so well yet as its progressed things have gown a little down hill which is sad to see, with luck things will start picking back up by the start of next month and progress forwards at a good and positive rate.

take care everyone, post more as time does allow for it.



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