Diabetes Awarness Month

Well its looks like its Diabetes month again, and in the local news is a series of articles which are interesting reading I have found.

You can read the articles which the Star is publishing on Diabetes here if you’d like, you might have to sign up for a free account to read them all, but I don’t know.

The following are the articles to date which have been published by the star…

unfortuantly many of the article to follow no longer are on the site, but you can find diabetic article from the Toronto Star

Reeling from `a silent killer’
Canada, the country that gave the world insulin and has accomplished so much in diabetes research, is now reeling from a diabetes epidemic.   [Full Story]

A hard life, and still he’s happy
Steve Beriault doesn’t have either of his legs. One of his kidneys used to belong to his brother. And his eyes are damaged.   [Full Story]

What you need to know about diabetes
Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose is above normal levels. Our bodies convert food into glucose, the main source of fuel for our bodies. The pancreas makes a hormone called insulin, which helps glucose get into the cells of our bodies.   [Full Story]

Cell transplants hold promise of regeneration
Canadian scientists and medical researchers are waging a war to conquer diabetes on many fronts.   [Full Story]

Families cope by trial and error
The reality of living with a diabetic child started for Cherie Trudel when her son Aaron, now 7, developed an ear infection.When he was 27 months, Aaron stopped eating and slept a lot. He was diagnosed with an ear infection and prescribed an antibiotic.   [Full Story]

`It’s more than jabbing a needle’
Mark and Karen Vernon have a real love-hate relationship with their 8-year-old daughter; they love Tori to pieces, but hate the diabetes their brave little girl faces each and every day.   [Full Story]

Complications can follow if disease gets upper hand
Three times a week, Loretta Judge-McKend spends four hours at a dialysis unit in North York.   [Full Story]

Insulin users pay high price
The experts will tell you that diabetes is a very expensive illness. Laurel MacIsaac, a student nurse with type 1 diabetes, gets the message loud and clear.   [Full Story]

A child’s-eye view of the disease
To keep his blood sugar in check and his metabolism humming, Kai Leung’s parents orchestrate his days as carefully as any symphonic score.   [Full Story]

Diet a key part of regimen
It’s been almost three years since Gary O’Connor was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.   [Full Story]

Staying positive is a daily struggle
Gary Blaseg still maintains a positive attitude about life and considers himself more fortunate than a lot of people, even though he has lost a leg, an eye, two kidneys and his career to diabetes.   [Full Story]

Diet, genetics pose double whammy for immigrants
Diabetes came into Grace Luk’s life suddenly and without warning in December 1998.   [Full Story]

Diagnosis ‘probably saved my life’
About eight years ago, when I was 52, I joined Canada’s least exclusive club; I became one of the two million people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. That diagnosis probably saved my life.   [Full Story]

Experts tout hard-hitting combination treatment
When it comes to treating diabetes, Canadian physicians have taken a page from those Nike sports shoes advertisements. The watchword now is Just Do It.   [Full Story]

Take care everyone



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