A1c results are in!

diabetes iconWell was hoping that I would get good new today when I went into see my endocrinologist and I did get great news, my a1c was at the much wonted “normal” range that being 7. I was ecstatic to find out my number was where we’d been trying to get it for the past 11 years of being diabetic. During my last visit there was talk about putting me on yet another insulin to try and get my numbers down because what ever was going on wasn’t working (as in we’d not found the right dosage or something).

Well at the time of my last a1c I’d only been completely gluten free for about 6 months and was still having issues with glucose control (running high in the morning) yet in the past 4 months that all changed, I started having more lows then highs (mmol 4 to 7 [72 to 126] and less mmol 10 to 18 [180 to 324]). Seems that it took longer then was being expected before my body could heal itself or something to get my numbers to come down with the current course of treatment.

Some people have said maybe its because I’m now eating lower GI or less carbs – the thing is I’m not eaten bless carbs, I’m still tracking my carbs and I’m still eating between 150 to 300 grams of carbs a day. I don’t buy or eat overly processed foods anymore, might on occasion but its become a lot less common to do so (mostly because I have to and in part because I don’t trust a lot of overly processed foods to actually be safe to eat).

I do a lot more from scratch baking and cooking – home dun asian style meals (fried rice and mixed veggies, tofu n veggies with rice or quinoa, etc), as you likely have seen from the various recipes that I’ve been posting to my blog since the start of the year (reminds me I need to update a few of them that I’ve since modified from how they where when first posted, lol).

Do I miss regular bread? do I miss being able to eat what ever when ever without worrying whats in it so to speak? Yes, yes I do miss it, but my health is worth more then the complications that are part of having something that my body can’t deal with. Easer to just break from it and be dun with it, but it doesn’t stop the cravings or the wish for it, nor does it solve the wish to be able to have something when out and about with friends and family and knowing that you either can’t have anything or you can but you risk being made ill though little to no fault of your own (guess that’s why eating at more and more vegan based places which are either naturally gf or understand celiac has become more common for us).

Well take care everyone, hope the days been good for you and yours.



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