Still working on things

Well finally found a theme that I like well enough, though some areas I’m not to fond of yet, so going to see what I can do about them to make things closer to what I’m wishing if at all possible, but other wise this theme seems to be a keeper (at least till it messes up and has to be replaced or I find a theme that works better which ever comes first ::chuckles::).

I’m trying to get back into my creative grove, but part of me doesn’t won’t to while the other part is saying you don’t have the funds to do it yet (like I’ll ever have the funds to do it at the rate things are going in life). Catch 22 on various levels, can’t do X with out Y and Y isn’t possible without Z being in the picture, and finding full time Z even harder, seasonal Z semi easer but it still ends the same with Y being a constant issue.

Got a few projects that I’m working on that are part fun part possible income (depends on how they turn out and if people will actually buy them) only time will tell though. Norman though has finished hir second fur suit, I helped with part of it and did the feet paws (carved the some for the toes of the feet plus the feet pads) I like how it turned out, though ya parts of it could be better, but like a lot of things time gains experience and with experiences gains more confidence in what your doing.

I’m still working on keeping my glucose in control, its been a good few months in general, but trying to keep up on things and afford the insulin ya not easy unfortunately but its proving that if I do keep on top of it that I can have “normal” numbers though I’ve also been having a lot more lows then I am use to having (low for me not true lows under mmol 3 (though did have an mmol 2.1 after a dental appointment where I had a root canal take place that took about two hours to do, started out good but by the end I wasn’t all there n ended up knowing why when I was able to test, thankfully dad had taken me to the appointment because I’d have been unable to drive myself home and be safe – as it was took two glucose tabs plus a can of regular pop just to get me into the early area of safe ranges, hour later I was spiking at mmol 10 yet an hour after (two hour mark) I was back down to mmol 6 (normal range).

As some might notice I’m also trying to get back into tweeting, but its slow going as in the past year and change I’ve gotten out of the tweeting habit save on occasion for the odd tweet outside of the auto tweets that I’ve got set up (the paper things that get posted daily). Still working on converting the twitter thing into actual posts for the blog here, but like a lot of things my brain says no and I get distracted after a while and move on to something else that catches my attention (which isn’t good, but of late i’m popping around to various things and making it all work, just not as smooth as it really should be.

Well lots to update, so I’ll head off now and post more later, take care everyone



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