Second Life happenings

Well its been a while since I posted anything about our happenings on Second Life, mostly because we’ve gone off of SL for the most part – we go on a couple times a month on average now. Which as many know its not like it use to be, we use to be on daily for several hours on end – but life happens and other things take over.

But I do still have things for sale though Market Place – most of my creations are still around to be bought, plus I add new items here and there for sale, along side the breedables that I’m starting to sell off in spits and spurts (mostly Fennec’s and Meeroos).

A lot of things have changed on SL since 2006, a lot of places have closed never to reopen and other places have jumped around for various reasons, the few places that have stayed the same its nice to have and know they are they but for how much longer is yet to be seen.

Well I hope everyone is doing well and if we don’t see you on SL much we’re always around else where, like Facebook or twitter.



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