So Much in The News!

Well today started off well enough, and appears to be a good day a head at least at this point tins time it does appear that way. Got in to work a littler later then I’d like, but well the TTC can’t be helped to much, which the drivers don’t stop to pick you because your not yet at the bus stop (the nuts).

Well so much for the following article I saw on MSN today that caught my attention entitled Well found another quiz which caught my attention also located on the MSN homepage, entitled What’s Your Internet IQ? which of course meant I tool the Quiz, and though I didn’t expect to get perfect, I didn’t expect to get what I got which was 9 out of 10 for my efforts, but bad all things considered.

In the general news today I was reading on the way to work in the Toronto Star was an article on how Roger’s and Bell are going to be bringing to video capable cell phones, something which has apparently be in the US for a while not, TV. Now don’t get me wrong, my cell can handle that if I really want it but well I can’t see the reason to have it as a service, I have a TV at home and when I’m on the road or TTC watching TV is not on my life of wishes or needs, I prefer to read the paper or a book, or even listen to a CD, but watching TV isn’t even there, though I guess if it was a really long commute I might well change my mind if it was a feasible deal (ya never know).

Another article in the Toronto Star which caught my attention is that apparently in B.C, there is a new party, called the “Sex Party” its a legal legit governmental party apparently which is going to be running for election, their mandate is to get sexuality out there and more acceptable, etc, which I think is cool, but well I don’t know if given a choice I’d actually vote for them (then again who knows).

According to the article “The Sex Party” had its public unveiling here yesterday, releasing a platform in advance of the May 17 provincial election that calls for an end to society’s prudish approach to sexuality. It promises increased sex education in schools, including urging teens to explore their bodies through masturbation, more designated public areas for nudists, liberalization of prostitution laws and less censorship of porn videos and DVDs.” Well I don’t know if I like the idea of making porn more open for viewing, or the restrictions which govern it to be laxed, but well the rest does have its various appeals, such as the prostution law, which might be a good idea if it can be handled with care and understanding, they might well put “pimps” out of business to so speak, by making it legal.

Another interesting article in the Toronto Star which to a degree I have been watching over the past couple of months is that of Gender Pricing, in an article entitled “Gender pricing may be banned – women often pay more for goods, Proposed law would close gap”. I actually do see where things are coming from on this article, and am pleased to hear that something might be dun about it. I personally am tired of paying more for the same deal as my male counter part (which is why I tend to buy male items more then female items – such as socks, shoes, t-shirts) all because the price for the female version is always more and just not worth the extra expense in my personal opinion (and it does appear many in parliament as well). One of the MPPs actually stated that he didn’t know that there was a difference till he talked with his wife and found out about it “”I soon learned, however, what gender tax was all about. We bought deodorant, 50 grams for her, 50 grams for me, basically the same brand. Mine cost $2.99; hers cost $3.99,” [rookie MPP] said” which I think is saying something about some males, then again many females I’m sure already new some of this information (then again who’s knows what is known and not known in reality).

Also Woofstock is back again June 4th and 5th at the Distillery here in Toronto. All things going well I’ll be going to check things out, since it’s a good price (Free) and I can bring Griff with me. Which is a great idea, and catch all in one. Who know I might even enter him into one of the contests that they are offering again this year (Who knows me might even win).

Final nore, the TTC workers have OKed the deal, thus they will not be striking which is good to read, since I think that we are all tired of hearing about them going on strike, and having to prepair for that possibilty. Well at least the strike has been adverted for another year or so, maybe next time they will go though it it, I hope not but who know’s what the future holds.

Well I hope that everyone is doing well and that this coming weekend see everyone in good health, take care everyone.



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