White Smoke

Well it does appear that a new Pope has been elected at least according to the Toronto Star’s article entitled White smoke hails new pope, who it is we don’t yet know, but we should know shortly who it is.

I don’t know about some of you, but I really don’t care who the new Pope is, but to a degree I do since well his decisions will have repercussions around the world that we live in that well knowing what he stands for in his own rights, and rules might well help to understand how he will make his rules known to his followers. With luck this will mean birth control, and other changes which are long over due within the Catholic Church, but time will tell on this matter.

Well it does appear that the new Pope has been chosen and it is apparently the Conservative German who was elected to the position of Pope, at least it is cording to the article on the Star’s site, entitled “German conservative named pope. Is this good news or bad? I do not yet know, I’m not overly familure with this person from the readings that I have dun on occasion since the last pope died. But if he’s conservative, that doesn’t sound like its a good deal, but who knows.

The new Pope’s name is now “Pope Benedict XVI”, Pope Benedict XVI is apparently the first German Pope since the 11th century to be elected to this position, which well isn’t surprising I’d think since well there are after all over 100 cardinals to call from, from around the world’s catholic followings. From what I can understand of this new Pope there will not be much change to the church goings, but since he’s new there is always hope, but from reading his bio info that is posted it does seem unlikely that he’ll undo the damage that those before him have caused, but again only time can really tell what will happen with this new Pope’s reign.

From what I have come to understand each Pope chooses a name that he feels will represent his time in office, and also based on his own view of things. If a Pope bases his name of a previous Pope then it means apparently that he shares many of the same views of that Pop of which he’s taken the name of, in this case it does appear that the new Pop’s taken the name of a Pope that lead the catholic church who was Pop for something like 9 years, one Benedictus PP. XV – Giacomo della Chiesa, 3.IX.1914 to 22.I.1922.

I’m not able to find the original Pope who held the name, but well from reading the info on this pop here, it does appear that the new Pope will be different enough from the old one, but similar enough that there will not be to much problems among those who follow the catholic faith.

Well it does appear that today is a day for many who follow the Catholic faith to be happy that they once again have a figure head to lead them (however blind and deaf this Pope turns out to be, remains to be seen, with luck he will be neither blind nor deaf).

Well I hope everyone is doing well, take care.



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