His Folks Are Visiting Us

Well today is not like most days; today I am going to be meeting his folks for the first time. Yes I have not met his folks since we started dating, nor have they meet me, other then to talk on the phone when we first moved in together for a few seconds. It will be most interesting to finally meet his parents since well he has of course seen my folks many times since we started seeing each other.

In general I have a lot of cleaning of the apartment to do today, granted it’s mostly the main room and the kitchen that need doing. But still its not something that I wish to be doing at the moment, I much rather be working on our site or be doing my back log of emails, but it needs doing (its needed doing – the living room, for a good month now).

At least when its been cleaned there will be more room in the living room, which will make it look larger. But where I have to place the stuff from the living room is in our office, until I can manage to get everything in to boxes and send them back with my folks, next time they come over. We have so much stuff, that we can’t have all of it with us, and have to store it with our folks at their places (you know you need to pair down or something when your collective goods would take up an entire house or at least a good four bedroom apartment, or a house for that matter).

Well I’ve gotten a good portion of the couch now cleared off and it’s starting to look like a couch again instead of a collection of discarded stuff and junk. I’ve also managed to get a couple bags of garbage together from the various trappings that have accumulated over the past couple months (newspapers, scrap paper, etc) all of which are no longer take up a good portion of the living room (didn’t realize how much paper I’d acculated since I stated working, talk about a hell of a lot).

The kitchen is clean (it was before, but there where a few boxes, and what not that needed crushing, and the floor needed to be washed (which I try to do once a month on average) since its been a good month since I last did so.

Also I have finally gotten a good portion of the far corner of our living room cleared up, granted a good portion of the stuff has ended up in our office for the time being, but hay at least I can say that the living room now looks like a living room, and not a collection of parts. Also we will for the first time since we moved in be able to sit together on the couch, which I know that he will be pleased with, since its something he’s wanted to a while now. Make’s ya wonder what he has in mind for it at times, *chuckles*.

I’ve also swept the living room, granted vacuming would have been a better idea, but well as he knows full well I do not vacuum (not less I have little choice in the matter), that’s his job around the apartment. I was tempted to do the vacuuming for once since it was for his folks, but well for me sweeping the stuff out the door or into the dustpan into the garbage worked just as well, the carpet looks fairly clean as it is (though granted the dog hair is still scattered around the apartment – which is not vacuum cleaner friendly).

Well his folks have come and gone, it was a interesting to finally meet them and from what I gather from him they liked me well enough, which is good to hear, since well one never knows how one’s partner’s folks will react to them upon the first meeting, its not always a good first meet for some people.

I’m glad that they decided to come to town to visit, as I was starting to fear that I’ve never get to visit them, since well with work etc getting out of town for couple of days isn’t cheap or easy (I’d have to rent or see if I could borrow my folks van, or we’d have to take the greyhound up to his folks place, which is about a 2+ hour ride from Toronto – closer to 3hrs I think), then again since when is anything easy in this lifestyle or lifetime?

At any rate he was pleased to see his folks again, especially his grandfather who is in his late 90s. It was good to see his grandfather as well, its not everyday that you get to meet someone who has lived almost 100 years and who is still alive and kicking (and I do mean kicking, his grandfather is one physically strong man, and *chuckles* he apparently fancies himself a “Ladies Man”.) One thing is for sure if he take’s after his grandfather he will be around for many many more years to come not to mention being in top notch shape.

Well he is calling time to have some much needed fun, take care everyone.



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