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In the News

There is an article in the Star entitled Study links verbal abuse by teachers to early sex, and from reading it, ticks me off to various degrees. TO me it emplies that all girls who get a teacher who vergal abusive will end up having sex around the age of 14 or younger, BULL CRAP!

Why do I say that? simple I had many teachers in my early school years who where not enouraging, who picked on me a world of a lot, made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be in the same class as so called normal students.

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Ontario School Funding

Well in yet another article about the funding of seprate schols, an article entiteled Catholic schools feel fallout of Tory’s idea shares some points that are well written, but I will say that I from the moment I learned that my tax dollars went towards the Catholic school board I was ticked off. I support the public school board, but I do NOT support the catholic board, never have and never will. I 100% beleive if you wish to send your things to be taught a religion they its up to the parents to pay for it out of their pockets not for me as a tax payer to fund their education.

This debate over funding religious schools publically or not seem to be a sore point for many ppl, myself included. But if they are going to fund it then they in my brain also have to fun the Native American education deal that they have been asking for funding for for many years, hay if you fund religion then you HAVE to fun Cultural as well.

Oh well I know ppl will disagree with that one, after all its only natives who’s entire culture has been stolen or degradated or what have for your the past 100+ years by this country. Sighs/Growls

HPV shot

Well there is a debate going on in Ontario now other then over the Election that is, and its over a shot that the government is aiming at girls in grade 8 called the HPV shot. This shot is part of the vaccine program to protect girls from cervical cancer.

Apparently there is a need for this vaccine, yet it is only effective on those who have not yet become sexually active. Hmm makes me wonder if the girls who get it who have been raped will be told that they cant have it because they’ve had sex already and its to late to help them. And I do mean that, 100%. Just because its aimed at younger women doesn’t mean they are verginal by any means, its more likely, but its not 100% a garentte.

Do I support the vaccine, yes and no. I am ticked that its not open to women who have become sexualy active, or that its not open for women over the age of 26 .. just doesn’t soiund right to me .. then again i liek yodn’t have all th einfo i regards to it, but fromwhat I had read, seen on tv thi is how i am seeing things thus far.


Native Day of Action

So much for the “natives” being the ones to close down Highway 401, instead it was actually the OPP who closed it does … shakes head. Granted it wasn’t closed for very long, “OPP officers redirect traffic off Highway 401 at Belleville after the police closed the highway in order to avoid a confrontation with Bay of Quinte Mohawks near Deseronto on Friday June 29, 2007.” Is what the public has been told, the highway is back to being open right now.

The Rail lines are nun to pleased with the “disruption” in services nor are the passengers who would be using the services (though a few do say that the natives have a right to do as they are to get the attention that has been lacking). CN Rail has said that they are going to louse about $100 million dollar worth of cargo that will not be delivered because of the “indian” blockade of the company’s busiest rail line. To which CN is starting to get tired of happening (this is about the third time that the lines been blocked – Toronto-Montreal line. Via Rail also canceled services leaving thousands of passengers between Montreal and Toronto, and Ottawa and Toronto without passage. Though they have offered to reimburse passengers who hold valid tickets.

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MS Walk 2007

Well did the walk for MS, at Sunnybrook Park here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it was a good walk, a little overcast, but no rain or snow so that was a positive, though would have been nice to have been a little warmer.

I did the 10k side of things, which was good, though I would have like the way stations better had they all had apples but unfortunately for me oranges where the top order of the day especially at the last station on the deal – sighs can’t have everything (and have to love allergies to fruit).

Dad was there are the event and even did the 10k with me, which he was so NOT expecting to do, he was there for SNAP covering the event.

Well take care everyone

Snow, Snow and apparently more Snow

Well looks like its hit us early this year, K hit many in Ontario and around the area including the US … but we in Toronto really didn’t get anything though we did get the freaking cold winds and freezing rain.

At the moment from what i can tell from Environment Canada, the Niagara region is under a snow warning as is as are the Muskokas region on Ontario, the rest of Ontario just appears to be watching and waiting.

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Trans Canada Trails – Challenge Info

Trans Canada Trail LogoI am doing the following challenge for my own self to get me more motivated to get out there and walk – its all virtual, but still its a motivator for me .. and the challenge is as follows.

How this challenge works is that you choose the Provence you wish to walk, run or bike from the list below .. and each day you record how many miles or km you have walked/run/biked .. you take that number and subtract it from the total for that Provance.

EXAMPLE I walked 5.89 miles yesterday
I am walking Ontario … now Ontario’s trans Canada Trail is 2,485 miles .. now if i take off the 5.89 miles I walked I get 2,479.11 miles remaining to be walked till i have completed the trail

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Ontario hikes university, college tuition fees

Well it wasn’t cheap for me to get my University degree, nor was it to get my sheets of paper from high school I mean college (what can i say, college was like being back at high school – not much work, little to no home work, and getting higher then 90 was fair easy).

Let them put it up, if you want the computers, the software, and materials that are for the courses you need to pay for it.

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