Caledonia occupation: $50 million and rising

Sighs, yet another article on what is happening in Calendonia, Ontario. Sighs makes me wish I was in university still so I could hear what the profs have to say on the matter, but I’m not so I do not know their views, but I do know mine.

I might not like the fact that the amount of dollars spent on it as high as it is, but I also do not like how the coverage that this is getting seems so freaking slanted in favor of the non-native people, K the media is a known one side deal at times, but still would be nice to see both sides covered with equility .. it would be a nice change.

Do that native people have a right full claim to the land? I do not 100% know, but I do not remember there being a treaty for that land area in any of my course so it is possible that they do have rights to the land that they are claiming that they have. Its also equaly possible that something was written down that took the land away that was unlawfull that needs addressing.

2 years is a long time yes, costly deffently .. but I will agree that the costs might well be higher without how its going, but again till it ends we really will not know the true cost of it all (in lives and cash).

* Caledonia occupation: $50 million and rising



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