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There is an article in the Star entitled Study links verbal abuse by teachers to early sex, and from reading it, ticks me off to various degrees. TO me it emplies that all girls who get a teacher who vergal abusive will end up having sex around the age of 14 or younger, BULL CRAP!

Why do I say that? simple I had many teachers in my early school years who where not enouraging, who picked on me a world of a lot, made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be in the same class as so called normal students.

I was told I would never amount to anything because of my learning disability, that all people with learning disabilities where a drain on the system and that Id be better off living at an insatution that other retards lived at, never mind that fact that Im not retarted or anything close. I just have dyslexia and a mild learning disbility (as in i don’t always seen what is written before me, but my mind puts in what is there but in a different way .. hard to explain, but my brains just got a different wairing then others out there).

And I was not popular in school by any means I was a total outsider. I wasn’t into patrying, I wasn’t into drugs or drinking, I wasn’t into skipping, and I wasn’t into dating, sex or the like. What I was into was getting my education, getting good grades and in general having a high enough grade average to get into University, which I did manage to get (ended up being an Ontario Scholar when I graduated from high school which means I got good grades in my OCAs or grade 13 courses).

I guess there are always going to be those who do not follow what some called normal, but sighs I do get every tired of studies that lump all girls together or what ever you, they tick me off a world of a lot. Oh well such is life, can’t have everything stated right, but would be nice if ppl didn’t generalize so blasted much, it causes nothing but trouble in the end, at least that’s how I see it.

Take care everyone



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