Ontario School Funding

Well in yet another article about the funding of seprate schols, an article entiteled Catholic schools feel fallout of Tory’s idea shares some points that are well written, but I will say that I from the moment I learned that my tax dollars went towards the Catholic school board I was ticked off. I support the public school board, but I do NOT support the catholic board, never have and never will. I 100% beleive if you wish to send your things to be taught a religion they its up to the parents to pay for it out of their pockets not for me as a tax payer to fund their education.

This debate over funding religious schools publically or not seem to be a sore point for many ppl, myself included. But if they are going to fund it then they in my brain also have to fun the Native American education deal that they have been asking for funding for for many years, hay if you fund religion then you HAVE to fun Cultural as well.

Oh well I know ppl will disagree with that one, after all its only natives who’s entire culture has been stolen or degradated or what have for your the past 100+ years by this country. Sighs/Growls



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