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#DSMA – Navigating Other Health Issues

DSMA Logo1) How do you navigate health issues other than diabetes?
I take each day as it comes to me, managing multi medical issues is normal when its something that you’ve had to deal with since a child – might not be “normal” for other’s but then again what is normal for one person isn’t for another so you deal as best as you can day to day.

2) Do you manage you micro manage your health conditions, like you do diabetes?
I do not micro manage my Diabetes anymore then I micro manage any other of the medical conditions that I live with, as said i take each day as it comes and go from there. Its the only way I’ve learned to deal with things happening in my life, thinking to far forwards just isn’t helpful over all to my long term health, day by day works best for me.

3) How did you get over the hump of having two separate diagnoses? Can you offer any advice?
I couldn’t tell you because I’ve have medical complications and issues long before I became diabetic, though learning I had D not even a month after getting told I had PCOS was a little tick of since I feel my GP could have watched things better and nipped it in the butt sooner so it didn’t hit me as fast as it did.

Only thing I can say for handling anything that comes at you from left or right field or both at once is to take one day at a time and to make time for yourself out of your day to just be yourself regardless of what medication conditions you have.

4) Do you or have you seeked out other patient communities pertaining to the dx?
I have looked to connecting with those who have PCOS but most who have it are baby crazy and since that is their main goal we have nothing in common other then a medical condition so I’ve given up connecting with most people within that community as not worth the hassle since we share next to nothing in common of interest.

The other conditions I live with no, I’ve not looking for others or communities of people who have it, looked into it yes but not joined again for similar reasons – if I could find a childfree community that fit my needs now that would be ideal, or even parents who are not kid obsessed would be alright.

#DSMA – Health Care Professionals and patient engagement

Q1. Would you like to see more Nurse Practitioners and Physicians participate in Social Media?
It would be nice yes, but then you run into the whole Country issue, its bad enough as it is adding in “medical professionals” into the mix from different countries adds to the confusion since each country has its own standards for treatment and care (I’ve run a fowl of the US/Canada deal once to often that anything said from anyone in the US I disregard as not knowing anything about my countries standards of care because its only true).

Q2. Should HCPs friend their patients (social media)?
NO – I have no wish to be friends with my medical team that blurs the lines way to much between professional and personal life and to me is wrong on many levels (its like being friends with your boss – without being abel to filter what they can or can’t see) its just not dun (in my eyes, yes I know ppl do it but I don’t).

Q3. @rcarol9 asked a great question. Should there be Social Media guidelines for HCPs regarding patient engagement via Social Media?
YES – there should be guidelines, but the issue with this is again it will vary from country to country thus you will run into issues because of different countries and how they treat it.

#DSMA – Mental Health

Q1. Do you know anyone that has experienced both diabetes and depression? What were the signs/symptoms?
No I don’t know anyone with Diabetes who’s experienced depression as well

Q2. Once you recognized symptoms (in yourself or others), how did you cope? What kinds of support were most helpful? (Peers? HCPs?)
I have no idea since its not something I’ve experienced so can’t speak of the matter

Q3. What resources can you recommend for those experiencing depression and diabetes? List your favourites, and why they work for you.
Well obviously one should seek medical help regardless to help get the right treatment for them (which means seeing ones GPs and getting a referral to what ever secondary person is necessary).

Q4. What can we do for each other when we see signs/symptoms? What would you want someone to do for you?
No idea outside of following what medical help has said to do on the matter – for my own part if you are in the know about what my medical team has said then you already know what to do for me, other wise its called leave it the world alone.

#DSMA – Guilt

Q1. What situations contribute to you feeling guilty about your diabetes self care? Nothing really makes me feel guilty about my care, other then at times wish I had more funds open to be to be able to afford all the care that I do need instead of streaching things out as long as possible.

Q2. Can visits to your HCPs (Health Care Professionals) contribute to the feelings of guilt as it pertains to diabetes self care? No seeing my doc’s don’t make me feel guilty they help as they are able to do so, but they don’t have the necessary scripts on hand most of the time so can’t fault them on that.

Q3. In what ways, if any, are you guilty of perpetuating stereotypes about the types of diabetes? I don’t really know, I tend to down play the seriousness of things about having D mostly because one to many people I’ve been in contact with already have issues with D to start with (as in most think if you are on insulin then you have to be T1 and not T2).

Q4. How have you been able to turn any negative feelings about D, such as guilt, denial, blame, shame, into positives? Can’t say that I’ve turned any negatives into positives then again I’ve no had any real negative feelings about D in general (only neg is the lack of ability to keep work once they learn I have it and so far I’ve not been able to get past that side of things, which is most frustrating to say the least).

Q5. How can we work together as a community to keep the guilt associated with diabetes from messing with our mental health? I don’t know because I don’t really worry about D itself I just try to go with the flow as best possible and not let things get me down that I can’t control.

#Fitblog QnA – What Do You REALLY Know About Fitness & Health?

FitBlog ChatsQ1) What is the one thing that you learned about fitness/health that most shocked you?
I can’t say that there is anything that has actually shocked me when it comes to fitness or health, though there are a few things that people have dun or do do in regards to them that make me scratch my head as to why they do it.

Q2) What do you often see/hear people do incorrectly regarding workouts/health?
In correct way of lifting weights is the most common things I’ve seen when at the gym. Also wrong foot wear for doing various things has been a common issue, using walking shoes to run and wondering why your feet hurt, or using tennis shoes to go hiking, etc.

Q3) Where did you learn your fitness and foodie knowledge?
Most of its come from life experiences, including but not limited to early childhood. I’ve also learned from various sites I’ve gone to such as SparkPeople, the Canadian Diabetic Association, as well as the various dietitians I’ve had over the years.

Q4) What is something fitness/health related that you want to know more about?
I’d like to know more about how my own body works when it comes to food and fitness so I can get the right exact combo of what I need to do to get the weight off and keep it off for life, but I know that is something that will not happen, at least not as I’d like it I do know that I’ll learn various things that will help me reach the goal I am aiming for but that there is not one thing that is for life.

#Fitblog QnA – Your Health: Past, Present & Future

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Did you grow up in a family that practiced a “healthy lifestyle”? How did this influence you as an adult?
My folks have always been into eating healthy in general, though my mom did take it to the little extreme when I was younger and my mom became diabetic.

Q2) As a child or adolescent were you ever encouraged to lose weight or diet? How did you feel?
I was told my doc that I had to louse weight, nun of them believed that I was eating and being as active as I was.

Q3) Focusing on the present, what is one health habit or negative thought you would like to change?
I’d love to get into more of a deal when it comes to walking and actually getting out and about more then I’ve been doing so since the start of the year.

Q4) As a parent, what is one message about health you hope to pass on to your children?
I’m Childfree, enough said.

#FitBlog QnA (Health: Is It All About The Benjamins?)

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Do you consider proper nutrition and fitness to be an expensive habit?
To degrees yes, because you have to make sure you have some things even if its just walking.

Q2) What are your favourite low cost exercise options?
Walking, main cost is that of comfortable shoes

Q3) How does cost of food factor into your grocery choices
We try to get as much for the bang of our buck as possible, but at times one can’t always get what one would like so you settle for something other then what you would have liked to have gotten.

Q4) What are your best tips for staying healthy on a budget?
Checking the weekly mail to see what places have on sale that week, plus when possible making use of local farmers markets for fresh produce that is in season.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W14

Week 14: Non-compliant, E-Patient and more

Q1. What are your thought when you hear “non-compliant” and “compliant” when used by someone in the medical profession in reference to diabetes?
just that someone is activly trying to take care of their Diabetes vs someone who is not taking care of their diabetes (aka someone who hasn’t made any effort to take care of their diabetes).

Q2. Lately there has been a lot of talk/blogs using the term “e-patient”. Do you consider yourself an e-patient? Why or why not?
e-patient according to wikipedia an e-patient are health consumers who use the Internet to gather information about a medical condition of particular interest to them, and who use electronic communication tools (including Web 2.0 tools) in coping with medical conditions. Thus under that definition I would consider myself to to be one yes.

Q3. How does your HCP (Health Care Professional) feel about you taking online information to your appointments? Does he acknowledge your findings or play them down?
He might not be to found of it but that is mostly because the info that is out there tends to be american in general and not Canadian thus not along the guidelines that he follows.

Q4. What are your thoughts on Endo’s, CDE’s and Nutritionist using SM? Pros and Cons?
If it helps to bring me better care in general and keeps them in the loop as to what is going on out there in the world outside of the medical area it works well enough for me.

#dsma Chat n Reply – W9

Topic: Diabetes and Mental Health
1. How has diabetes affected your emotions surrounding food & body image?
This is a hard question to answer since until I had to go on insulin I didn’t really have an issue with food in general, I ate because I had to eat other wise I didn’t feel well – but now that I’m on insulin I have to watch what I eat or I end up going too low or too high. But its not really an emotional responce to food so not sure it really applies here.

As to body image, having Diabetes hasn’t effect how I see myself or my image of myself, so I don’t really understand the question since its not something I’ve had to deal with, and I hope its not something that ever becomes an issue for me to deal with.

2. Do you feel you need help w/the mental health aspects of living w/diabetes?

3.What can a parent of a CWD do to help reduce the emotional impact of caring for diabetes?
I have no idea not a parent and I wont be one – best I can say is treat the child as you would treat a child who didn’t have diabetes.

3.5 What can a parent of an adult with diabetes do to help reduce the emotional impact of caring for diabetes?
No idea about reducing the emotional impact since everyone deals with having diabetes differently, I know I was there for my mom when she got told she had it, but she also make my dads and my life a living nightmare when it came to what foods she would allow in the home or not allow around. Made for a hard time as a child growing up, and when I became diabetic 20 odd years later all she did was say “eat as you have been you will find your own balance” So the best I can say is be there for who ever it is that has diabetes, but don’t be the diabetic police on them, let them learn what works for them and go on from there, they will learn in time what is right for them and what is wrong.

4. What would you like to see change in diabetes care in regards to mental health?
No idea, since this isn’t an area that I’ve had to worry about or deal with


Yes it has been a while since I posted any sort of blog entry other then a twitter – but at least I have been doing something instead of nothing what so ever.

We have just over a month left till the big day happens, and yes I am counting down the days incase you have not noticed though the twitters that have been posted.

We still got a lot to do in general before the big day, but its mostly to do with Legal stuff then actually wedding stuff (aka wills and pre-nup still in the works).

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