Yes it has been a while since I posted any sort of blog entry other then a twitter – but at least I have been doing something instead of nothing what so ever.

We have just over a month left till the big day happens, and yes I am counting down the days incase you have not noticed though the twitters that have been posted.

We still got a lot to do in general before the big day, but its mostly to do with Legal stuff then actually wedding stuff (aka wills and pre-nup still in the works).

We also still have immigration to work though, to get him here perm still (that side is what I am lousing sleep over! as is he). He is seeing an Immigration lawyer on monday, so with luck that person will be able to clear a few things up or at least help get things further underway towards keeping him hear perm and getting him his work permit!

Not been able to get the gym yet, not pleased about that – but I keep hoping he will be willing to go and I know he will, things are just not right at the moment (though I know if he doesn’t go soon I will go without him to the gym, because I need to go and get back on track so to speak.)

We were to see the minister wednesday, but he cancled on us cause he had a head cold, so with luck we will be seeing him this week coming.

We got a quote for the cake, and ouchies its 150.00 over the alloted budget coming in at 450.00 bucks total, so it means we need to cut out or cut back on a few things for the wedding (flowers and gifts mostly). We can’t understand why its so blasted much, its 140.00 for the cake itself, 30.00 for delivery and a blasted 280.00 for the design on the cake! I haven’t got a clue as to why its that blasted high, the design is so NOT that hard to do yet its costing a boot load – growls and grumbles.

Well take care everyone



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