Wellspring of Magic

Wellspring of Magic
by Jan Fields © 2007
Annie’s Attic
ISBN: 978-1-59635-147-9
120 pages
$5.99 (U.S.)
Reviewed by: Mike Gleason

I don’t know if you believe in coincidence or not. In fact, I’m not sure how I feel about the idea myself. In any case, my daughter and I had been one of our periodic discussions about the appearance of magical-themed books in the mainstream bookstores when an offer arrived for my wife to join a “crafting club” (scrap booking, jewelry making, etc.). Included in the package was this book, aimed at 7 to 12 year-old girls. So of course I pounced on it (she wasn’t interested in joining, but the book was way too providential to pass up).

Admittedly, the book is aimed at encouraging the target audience to get involved in day-to-day crafting activities, but it still tells a magical story. And its’ encouragement to look at things creatively is a lesson we can all profit from.

Although the story is fairly simple, and the plot line is uncomplicated, this is not a boring book. It grabs the reader’s attention and engages her feelings. Along the way it shows potential conflicts; grants resolutions, and makes you care about the characters.

I’m reasonably sure this is the start of a series and, while I doubt I will be seeking out additional titles (I’m not in the target audience, nor do I know many in that range) I have no hesitation encouraging parents to pick up copies for their daughters. Even if you are not interested in stimulating their creativity (what kind of parent are you?) you can encourage them to read, and this book will help.



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