#Fitblog QnA – Your Health: Past, Present & Future

FitBlog ChatsQ1) Did you grow up in a family that practiced a “healthy lifestyle”? How did this influence you as an adult?
My folks have always been into eating healthy in general, though my mom did take it to the little extreme when I was younger and my mom became diabetic.

Q2) As a child or adolescent were you ever encouraged to lose weight or diet? How did you feel?
I was told my doc that I had to louse weight, nun of them believed that I was eating and being as active as I was.

Q3) Focusing on the present, what is one health habit or negative thought you would like to change?
I’d love to get into more of a deal when it comes to walking and actually getting out and about more then I’ve been doing so since the start of the year.

Q4) As a parent, what is one message about health you hope to pass on to your children?
I’m Childfree, enough said.



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