30 Days of Truth – Day 30

Its the last day of the 30 Days of Truth, today is Day 30 and this blog entry is to write A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself.

Easer said then dun it does feel to me since as much as I love myself in general there are not many things that I actually love about myself in general. I love my personality in general and that I don’t give up easily, that I am a fighter not to mention spiritual.

I love that I have found someone to share my life with that I click with and that shares many of my own views on life, its a great comfort to know one is not alone in general. I love that I have a loving family and extended family for that matter, I’m well off in this are when I know that other’s are not so fortunate to have such a backing open to them, or such a childhood as I had.

I love that I have been able to “over come” so many things in my young life that other have told me time and time again that I wouldn’t be able to do or should be able to do for that batter. I was told I couldn’t make it though university yet I got my BA, I was told trades wouldn’t be a good field for me that I should settle for sales or the like type jobs – well might not be in trades in general, but I’m not in sales either atm but I at least have ambitions to be more then what people in my past said I could or should only do.

I love that I am alive and though life right not might not be where I wish it to be at least its my life and I am living it to the best of my own abilities.



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